The Intimidator

Tribute to a True Racing Legend - Dale Earnhardt Sr.

The mere mention of the name Dale Earnhardt provoked emotions of respect, idolization and stilling sense of awe in race fans and people around the world. His daring and calculated moves on the track that brought fear and respect from his fellow drivers were often offset with his advice and extensions of friendship to them off the track.

He may have been known as The Intimidator, but his heart and giving ways were bigger than any track he raced. Many of those giving and charitable ways often went without fanfare or public accolades. As busy as he was, he never forgot his humble beginnings and knew the value of taking time to remember those in need.

Dale Earnhardt was a respected racecar driver and a winning team owner. He was loved as a husband, father, grandfather, boss and most importantly - a person. When the black #3 Chevrolet took to the track, fans stood, cheered and watched his every move. He is still admired, still respected and will never be forgotten.