Extra! Extra! Dale Jr.’s New Book Set for October Release

Ron Lemasters | JR Motorsports | 4/25/2018

Dale Jr. NASCAR America NBC News

JR Nation asked for it, and Dale Jr. is delivering. Today he unveiled the cover of his new book, Racing To The Finish: My Story, a candid, first-person account of what led to his life-changing decision to get out of the cockpit.

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (April 25, 2018) – JR Nation asked for it, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. is delivering.

Today Earnhardt Jr. unveiled the cover of his new book, Racing To The Finish: My Story, which is a candid, first-person account of what seemed at first as a minor racing accident but ultimately forced major life-changing decisions.

The book’s official release date is Oct. 16, 2018, but fans can pre-order now.

Earnhardt Jr. unveiled the cover during his appearance on NBC Sports Network’s NASCAR America program, which he regularly appears on as part of his new role on NBC Sports’ NASCAR coverage team.  The book is being published by W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson.

“Concussions are so common in sports that, for years, nobody took them seriously, myself included,” Earnhardt Jr. said of his struggle to return to the cockpit. “But in 2016 that changed for me, and it was bad – very bad. Until this book, only my doctor and family could know how bad it was. I am leaving nothing out – the fear, the struggle, the pressure to get back, the rediscovery of myself, and how the very thing that caused my pain ultimately led to happiness I never knew possible. I also think my learnings from this experience will be hugely beneficial to people who are going through the same thing. One of those learnings is that there are more of those people than we ever realized.”

 Written with longtime motorsports journalist Ryan McGee, Dale Jr.’s gripping narrative is a first-person account from one of professional sports' most beloved figures about his journey: how his career and his injury have transformed him, how he made the decision to retire at the end of the 2017 season after 18 years behind the wheel, and what lies ahead for him in the next chapter of his life. There's no second-guessing and no regrets, just the bare-knuckled, unvarnished truth of what happened. He’s leaving the driver’s seat on his own terms, and he’s ready to hit the gas on his next phase of life.

“It’s always a publisher’s dream to work with people who are the absolute very best at what they do, and that label certainly applies to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.,” said Daisy Blackwell Hutton, Vice President of Thomas Nelson and Publisher of the W Publishing Group. “We knew Dale Jr. was a great racer, but it’s been wonderful to go deeper into his journey as a man so committed to his family, his fans, and his faith—and especially to learn more about everything he’s experienced in recent years. What a story!”