Inside Access to Dale Jr.’s Racecar Graveyard, One Car at a Time

Heath White | 3/15/2017

Dale Jr. News Racecar Graveyard

Beginning on Monday, March 20, the Racecar Graveyard Project will give fans unprecedented access to Dale Jr.'s Racecar Graveyard by highlighting a different car every Monday.

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (March 15, 2017) – Once fast and loud, the cars in Dale Jr.’s racecar graveyard now lie silent and idle, slowly succumbing to the clutches of forest undergrowth.  Most are faded from years of exposure, battered and bruised, and some are barely distinguishable as to what they once were. Others look surprisingly unspoiled.  But they all have a single commonality; each has a story, and that’s why each has been laid to rest in the backwoods of Dirty Mo Acres.  

They will race no more, but in the graveyard the cars are remembered and revered.  As a student of the sport, Dale Jr. is captivated by all things racing, particularly its history.  And the tales surrounding these racecars were too intriguing to see them scrapped, which is why he’s accumulated more than 75 of them.

“The graveyard is something we started a while back with cars from JR Motorsports,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “Over the years, I started getting a few cars from HMS. Then, crew chiefs and guys I know on other teams would call me up and offer me their cars that they weren’t going to do anything with. We don’t pay for any of these cars. It’s just a way to have something cool out here that someone will stumble upon some day and wonder what exactly was going on and why there are all these wrecked cars laying around.”

Beginning on Monday, March 20, the Racecar Graveyard Project comes to light, giving fans behind-the-scenes access to the graveyard by unveiling a different car and documenting its story every Monday from now through November.  The Racecar Graveyard Project will be housed on and promoted through the Twitter and Instagram accounts of JR Motorsports, using the hashtag #RaceCarGraveyard.

These lifeless cars exist in direct contrast to the days when they roared around the most famous racetracks in the country to the screaming adulation of thousands of fans.  They now rest as silent sentinels, each a monument unto itself, but the Racecar Graveyard Project aims to resurrect their stories, one car at a time.